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Trained and equipped Hazardous Materials Response Teams.

National Infrastructure

Drizit Environmental was established in 1975 as an oil absorbent manufacturing concern. Due to the overwhelming market demand throughout Southern Africa, Drizit quickly expanded services to include a spill clean-up service to the manufacturing and transport industries. As the pioneers of spill clean-up service provides in South Africa, Drizit Environmental has gained extensive and valuable long term experience in containing, handling and cleaning up of environmental pollution control incidents of various magnitudes.

Overseas Trade

During the past three decades Drizit Environmental has established itself as the preferred supplier of both pollution control products and services with all SADEC countries and have recently delivered services and started distributing products in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Through dealing with numerous spillages throughout South Africa, the Africa continent and abroad, Drizit Environmental has Developed firm relationship with multi-national authorities including Fire Brigades, traffic departments, Government Departments (Dept of Water Affairs and Forestry, Dept of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and Dept of Transport) These relationships have been built on the confidence in Drizit Environmental's ability and conscientiousness and quality service to industry.

A Comprehensive Network of Agents

Drizit has 19 appointed agents throughout South Africa and Central and Northern Africa. These agents not only supply Drizit products to the local industry but also provide an environmental pollution control service in their immediate area. All Drizit agents have received in-house training in spillage control and are capable of handling spill clean-ups professionally.

The agents are equipped with essential spillage control equipment and machinery that allows a professional response to incidents. The broad network of agents across the country allows Drizit Environmental to respond promptly to environmental pollution incidents, occurring in order to minimize the extent of the associated environmental damage caused by these incidents.

Experienced Hazmat Technicians

The Drizit Environmental head office and manufacturing plant is in Durban, with branches in Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Cape Town. At these location, the spill clean up division are headed up by highly qualified and experienced Hazmat Technicians and clean-up teams.

The Hazmat clean-up teams are available 24 hours to attend to environmental pollution incidents at any location across Southern Africa. With valuable emergency service backgrounds, the level of expertise adds to Drizit Environmental's professional service delivery.



  • Oil and Chemical Emergency response vehicles
  • Mobile compressors
  • Mobile chemical and hydrocarbon transfer pumps and hose
  • Mobile high pressure washers
  • Inflatable containment booms
  • Waste management vehicle and bins
  • Crane Trucks
  • Bulk Emergency Storage Containers ( Drums, Tanks, IBC'S and Fastanks)
  • Assorted oil skimmers (rope skimmers, floating weir skimmers, disc skimmers, coastal bulk skimmers}
  • PPE including level A chemical protective suit, SCBA sets, Level B chemical protective suits, full face air purifying respirators and supplied air respirators.
  • Air monitoring equipment
  • Radios and other emergency communication devices.

ONE NUMBER : 0800 202202

The Drizit Environmental spill response callout system has been proven effective throughout the country on a 24 hour basis. The system used is our 0800202202 national toll-free, spill response telephone number. After hours, the spill callout telephone is answered by one of the technicians who will dispatch the closest agents to the emergency, and will follow up by dispatching additional equipment or personnel to the site if need be.

Highly specialized equipment (transfer pumps, storage facilities, personal protective equipment, additional absorbents and containment booms) is available at Drizit Environmental branches to be dispatched immediately should the situation require.

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