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Drizit Environmental, Pollution Control & Industrial Cleaning

Drizit environmental & pollution control expertsDrizit Environmental was formed in 1975 and manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of pollution control products to help you maintain a safe and healthy working environment and meet environmental legislation.

Drizit also offers 24hr hazmat spill clean up response services and specialised clean up services such as asbestos removal, bioremediation, oil skimmers, oil absorbents, spill kits, separators and tank cleaning. Drizit Environmental Hazmat Operations Division offers a safe and efficient product transfer service from service station tanks to transfers between tankers or from bulk storage tanks. Speak to us about our waste management services, we can assist with all your hazmat clean up requirements.

Offices Throughout South Africa

Our head office is based in Durban with branches and agents countrywide and worldwide. We are the agents for international companies such as Fastank and Oil skimmers Inc, keeping us abreast of overseas technology and the latest trends in pollution control.

Pollution, Hazmat, Spill Clean-up & Industrial Cleaning Services

24hr Hazmat Cleanup

Hazmat response teams respond to hazardous material incidents within the transport, maritime and industrial sectors.

A comprehensive equipment base ensures countrywide effective containment and clean up of oils, fuels, chemicals and acid.

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Specialized Cleaning

Drizit Environmental offers a wide range of industrial cleaning services such as Asbestos removal, shut down cleaning, Bioremediation and Fire Debris Removal and cleanup.

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Oil and Chemical absorbents are in ready supply. From vehicle repair to oil processing to power stations, oil and chemical absorbents clean up spills. Absorbents come in many forms for many purposes.

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Pollution Control

Rope Mop Skimmers as well as Oil Water Separator are manufactured at our factory in Durban for recovering oil quickly and efficiently.

Use for process effluent, wash bays, sumps etc.

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Oil Containment Booms

Floating barriers that clean the surface of the water and used to contain oil, collect oil, as a barricade to exclude oil from a certain area, to absorb oil and deflect oil.

Drizit's range includes inflatable boom, foam filled boom and fiberglass boom.

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Spill Kits

Spill Kits help you clean up oil/chemical spills, from wheely bins to carry bag kits. Contains absorbent, ppe, tools and instructions. Locate in a central place for easy access in an emergency. Call Drizit now for your spill kit requirements.

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Storage and Handling

Drizit's range of products includes equipment for your oil and chemical storage and handling need.

Some of these include gas vaults, spill platforms, flameproof stores, fluorescent tube crushers and much more.

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Biological Cleaners

In today's environmentally conscious times, we all need to do our share. Drizit's biological cleaners are environmentally friendly, effective and ecologically safe.

Try out our degreasers and oil stain removers and you will never look back.

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We ship all our products WORLDWIDE!
Our Durban & Johannesburg offices now have debit and credit card payment facilities for cash customers.
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